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Augmentin is just another form of amoxicillin, combined with a second drug clavulanic acid .

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Information about Augmentin.

AUGMNTIN DUO OT tablts contain th ollowing inactiv ingdints: magnsium staat, sodium stach glycollat, colloidal anhydous silica and micocystallin cllulos. Th coating on th tablts contains th colouing agnt titanium dioxid, hypomllos 5 & 15 cps, and macogol 4000 and macogol 6000.

Asonabl ca has bn takn tpovid accuat inomation at th tim cation. This inomation is not intndd tsubstitut mdical advic, diagnosis tatmnt and should not b xclusivly lid on tmanag diagnos a mdical condition. Plas tou tms and conditions.

Augmntin, alsknown as ‘coamoxiclav’, contains twactiv substancs: amoxicillin, which is an antibiotic blonging tth bta-lactam amily (th sam amily as pnicillins), and clavulanic acid, which is a ‘bta-lactamas inhibito’. Whn Augmntin is absobd in th body, th amoxicillin componnt kills th bactia that a causing th inction, whil th clavulanic acid componnt blocks an nzym, btalactamas that nabl th bactia tdstoy amoxicillin. As a sult, th antibiotic can wok long, and is mctiv in killing bactia. Th atiamoxicillin tclavulanic acid can vay om 16:1 (on gam amoxicillin t62.5 mg clavulanic acid) t2:1 (250 mg amoxicillin t125mg clavulanic acid).

Alcohol should b avoidd duing and sval days at tatmnt with AUGMNTIN tablts. Som popl whdink alcohol whil taking antibiotics simila tAUGMNTIN tablts hav xpincd advs cts.

AUGMNTIN DUO AND AUGMNTIN DUO OT tablts a availabl only with a docto’s psciption.

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