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Here are a few suggestions on decorating your house. You don’t want to miss out on the holiday spirit, just because you are trying to sell your house. Decorations are beautiful; they add warmth to your home. Be careful not to overdo it, sometimes less is more. Just keep in mind people are walking through your home, make sure there are clear paths. Remember when they looking at your home, they are visualizing their furniture, and decorations. You don’t want to make the mistake, of making the rooms look small. So if you’re one of those people that have boxes and boxes of decorations. You may want to cut back a little this year. Please decorate; there is nothing more visually pleasing. This time of year is great for showing home with the decoration up.

One last tip, normally during the holidays the people looking at your home are serious buyers. So don’t give them any reason not to make an offer. Decorate your home and have a wonderful holiday season.

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