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A Realtor or real estate agent is only required to have 180 hours of basic theory real estate course work and a high school diploma and there is no experience necessary to obtain a license. A Broker, on the other hand, requires 270 hours of basic and industry specific real estate coursework, plus an additional 630 hours of higher education, a minimum of 4 years of real estate related experience, and accrue 3600 points of qualifying transaction experience. In addition to the normal legal and ethics course, a Broker must have a Broker Responsibility course to renew their Broker’s license. Sales agents or Realtors do not have to take any “responsibility” courses. Brokers have a deeper depth of knowledge and experience than Realtors have. Any sales agent or Realtor who has earned the education, knowledge and experience equivalent to that of a broker over their careers should have gotten ahead by obtaining their broker’s license. So as a consumers, know that Brokers are your best ally in selling your home. It is known by the National Association of Realtor to be the number one best recognized designation that consumers recognize and care about.

When I go on listing appointments I let the sellers know they will be working with a broker instead of a Realtor or real estate agent. If they are interviewing others and discuss their experience, I ask them why they don’t have a broker’s license if they are so experienced. I encourage all Realtors to get their broker’s license.

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