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Surveys always seem to be that last obstacle to overcome before closing. I like to prevent that obstacle so I ask for a survey from my sellers when they put their home on the market. If you are planning to sell your home, you will need to find your survey and give a copy to your Realtor. There are several things your Realtor should be looking for on the survey. First, has the surveyor signed the survey? Second, is the seal legible? Third, does the survey have the correct address? Sometimes the city and zip codes change and it is hard to get surveyors to update the information. Is the property marked as being in a flood zone? If there is a “copy-write” on the survey or any verbiage that indicates the survey cannot be used by a new purchaser, then a new survey will need to be done on the property. The last and most important thing about the survey is to make sure no changes have been made to the property that would require a new survey to be done. If the survey can be used by the new purchaser, then the seller will need to sign a T47 affidavid stating there have been no changes to the property since the survey was completed. The survey and the T47 should be turned into the lender and title company with the contract so that it can be approved. If you want to sell your home and you cannot find a copy of the survey, then be sure paragraph 6.c(1) of the earnest money contract is marked accordingly. As the seller, you need to understand that if you have a copy of the survey, and paragraph 6.c(1) is marked and you do not provide the survey to the borrower’s agent within the time stated on the contract, then you the seller will have to pay for the survey even if it is marked that the buyer will pay for it. It has been my experience that most Realtors do not explain this to their clients and it is very important. I take the time when I am at the listing appointment to try to get a copy of that property survey. It saves time after the contract is negotitated and prevents the seller from getting caught up in additional expences at the last minute. My job as a Realtor is to protect my clients and market and sell their home and negotiate the best deal for them. Make sure your Realtor is doing that for you! If not, call me today to discuss selling your home with RREA. 281.288.3500. We have the best trained agents in The Woodlands and Spring, Texas area!

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