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I have received so many complimentary emails & phone calls in response to the American Flags my assistants and I put out in the Spring Lakes neighborhood to recognize Veteran’s Day.  Some people have told me they’ll keep them and put them out on the next flag holiday.  Others have told me how much more enjoyable their jog or bike ride went on Veteran’s Day.  I appreciate all of your positive feedback.  I love this neighborhood and wanted to commemorate the holiday and share in it with all of you – my friends and neighbors.  Many of you know my husband is a Veteran of two wars, so the holiday has great meaning for us personally.  I did have one person complain about marketing with a flag, but our Coldwell Banker United, Realtors owner Richard Smith is a proud Veteran that fully supports this Coldwell Banker tradition.  However, in the future, the U.S. Flag Holiday Service will be placing flags in Spring Lakes for a fee of $40 per year that supports the local Boy Scout Troop.  Their service begins on President’s Day 2010.  To learn more or sign up you can email Assistant Scoutmaster Phil Cherry at or call 713.677.1814.  Thank you Spring Lakes for making our neighborhood an easy sell.  You make it easy for buyers to want to move here.  You can visit to see how I can showcase your home to sell even in a down market.

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  • Linda

    Thanks for the flags in our yards…what a nice surprise when I got up this morning…know we appreciate it!

  • Monna

    Thanks for the American flag you placed in our yard and those of our neighbors for Veteran’s Day. What a treat it was Wednesday morning when we came out to put up our flag to see all those waving flags lining the street. It’s a real spirit booster to see patriotism still exists.

    Thanks again for showing pride in our country and its military heritage.

  • Barbara

    Just want you to know how proud I felt Veterans Day-Bless you for placing all the flags beside the driveways.

  • Charlie

    Thank you for my flag!

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