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I have received so many complimentary emails & phone calls in response to the American Flags my assistants and I put out in the Spring Lakes neighborhood to recognize Veteran’s Day.A� Some people have told me they’ll keep them and put them out on the next flag holiday.A� Others have told me how much more enjoyable their jog or bike ride went on Veteran’s Day.A� I appreciate all of your positive feedback.A� I love this neighborhood and wanted to commemorate the holiday and share in it with all of you – my friends and neighbors.A� Many of you know my husband is a Veteran of two wars, so the holiday has great meaning for us personally.A� I did have one person complain about marketing with a flag, but our Coldwell Banker United, Realtors owner Richard Smith is a proud Veteran that fully supports this Coldwell Banker tradition.A� However, in the future, the U.S. Flag Holiday Service will be placing flags in Spring Lakes for a fee of $40 per year that supports the local Boy Scout Troop.A� Their service begins on President’s Day 2010.A� To learn more or sign up you can email Assistant Scoutmaster Phil Cherry at SpringTroop594@gmail.comA�or call 713.677.1814.A� Thank you Spring Lakes for making our neighborhood an easy sell.A�A�You make it easyA�for buyers to want to move here.A� You can visit Pills viagra ads usa to see how I can showcase your home to sell even inA�a down market.

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  • Linda

    Thanks for the flags in our yards…what a nice surprise when I got up this morning…know we appreciate it!

  • Monna

    Thanks for the American flag you placed in our yard and those of our neighbors for Veteran’s Day. What a treat it was Wednesday morning when we came out to put up our flag to see all those waving flags lining the street. It’s a real spirit booster to see patriotism still exists.

    Thanks again for showing pride in our country and its military heritage.

  • Barbara

    Just want you to know how proud I felt Veterans Day-Bless you for placing all the flags beside the driveways.

  • Charlie

    Thank you for my flag!

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