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warranty-smallColdwell Banker United, Realtors has partnered with American Home Shield to provide a Home Warranty to both our Selling and Buying Clients. I always offer my clients the protection of an American Home Shield Home Warranty. Both Buyers and Sellers should insist on an American Home Shield Warranty because they are the founding and leading Home Warranty Company with over 35 years experience caring for customers. With over 1.3 Million Home Warranties Nationwide, and over 11,000 Contractors within their service network, they lead the industry in delivering innovative home warranty products to customers. When I list your house for sell, I pay for the home warranty for you from the time you list with me through your closing date. This protects your home while it is on the market which can protect you from investing more money into your home while you’re trying to sell. It lowers your cost for repairs that may need to be completed before closing and helps avoid delays on closing due to unexpected breakdown of systems. Having a warranty also attracts buyer and adds value to your home. It demonstrates an intent to sell your home in good working order and gives the buyer an avenue of restitution, other than you, should any covered systems break down after purchase. When I list your home, I will go over the contract and explain the warranty options available and help you decide which warranty best suits your needs. Your American Home Shield Warranty provides your buyer confidence before and after their home purchase. Should your home require service, repairs, or replacement of covered systems while it is under contract for sell, you the seller will only pay your service charge for each trade service call. (An example of a trade service call would be an electrician, another service trade might be a plummer.) Most buyers insist on a home inspection before purchase and want repairs made when necessary. In that instance, you would only pay the one time service fee. I promote the American Home Shield Warranty because it is a product that can save Sellers money and puts your home on a pedestal by making it appealing to perspective buyers in todays heavily inventoried market. This warranty will also make your home more competitive with newly constructed homes. With American Home Shield Warranties, you have the flexibility to create the plan that fits your individual lifestyle and budget.A� This way you don’t pay for coverage you won’t use.

For my Buying Clients, I always negotiate a FREE home warranty for the first year. This protects you from the high cost of unexpected, covered repair expenses after you move into your home.

What is a Home Warranty? It is a service contract that covers the repair or replacement of many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of home system components and appliances. Everything in the home is not covered, but most of the system components and appliances that break down frequently are covered. Your home is likely your biggest investment. Unexpected repair or replacement costs can strain your budget. Plus, a home warranty takes the hassle out of finding an approved and insured contractor to solve your problem. A home warranty cannot prevent systems or appliances from breaking down, but it can help make covered repairs or replacement easier and less costly for you.

Should you have a breakdown of your covered system or appliance American Home Shield is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. America Home Shield is a company committed to and solely focused on providing you an outstanding customer experience. To request service on a covered item there is no need to call me, just call America Home Shield Directly at 1-800-776-4663 to speak to a customer service representative or go online to purchase aygestin .

Not selling or buying a home, but think your house needs a home warranty? Call me for a FREE Quote or go online to for more information.

Last year in Texas, AHS spent $57,973,407.00 honoring their service promise. Nationally, AHS spent over $297 million in 2006 to help protect their clients from the hassle f unexpected, expensive home repairs.

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