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A�Building a custom home can and should be an enjoyable process.A� Picking a builder who is right for you is as essential as picking the architect to design your home.A� So where do you start?

A�REALTORSA� offer much experience in guiding you to lot locations and product under construction and listed for sale.A� Often REALTORSA� working or a�?farminga�? in your area of interest will have knowledge of builders to give you a great start.A� As you search with your realtor for a home site, talk about various builders and contact persons in each.

A�Should you decide to search on your own, you can explore the website of the Greater Houston Builders Association ( and get a list of builders to target.A� Click on Custom Builders for more focus.A� You would want to interview builders to get a sense of connection, look at product for quality which meets your needs and desires, and receive references to check out.A� For custom builders you would expect to talk to the builder personally, be shown product, and develop a rapport that would be the foundation of a team to produce your unique home.

A�Spend quality time with our builder discussing your hopes, desires and dreams.A� Talk with the builder about his role as a team player with architects.A� Ask about the length of time estimated for a given project.A� Discuss how the builder interacts with engineers and inspectors.A� Ask the builder about his feelings about your project.A� Ask the builder how quality is controlled and how you can interact in the decision processes to achieve the quality you desire.A� Ask about customer service and performance on the home.A� Ask who will supervise your home and how changes will be handled.A� Ask for a copy of the contract to be used and read it.

A�Ask for opportunities to visit completed homes.A� Talk to clients who have used the builder not only recently but in past years.A� Ask a�?if they could make the choice again, would they make the same choice?a�?A� As you visit with these folks keep in mind they have gone through the process ahead of you and could offer great insight into what is ahead for you.

A�To quote a wise old gentleman who shared the best business advice possible, a�?What you dona��t understand in the agreement comes out in the settlement.a�?A� Dona��t be afraid, be informed.A� No question should be considered trivial if it is important to you.A� The builder will listen and respond.A� You evaluate and decide-not on price but in concept.A� The price would be the final criteria with size and quality adjusted to achieve that goal.A� Just agree on the adjustments!

A�Pick a builder only after your investigation gives you comfort that you are part of the team; you will be listened to, informed and satisfied.A� The perfect home has never been built, however, satisfied customers who enjoyed the process are daily moving into their new homes.A� Members of the Custom Buildersa�� Council welcome you to be added to that satisfied list.

A�John St. John, is President JSJ Inc. /John R. St. John Construction, Inc., Past Director of GHBA, Member of the Custom Buildera��s Council, Remodelera��s Council and Codes and Standards Committee for GHBA. how to get antidepressants without parents knowing minors

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