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I love the opening sentence in today’s article on Investor’s Business Daily, Real Estate A Buy or Bust This Spring Selling Season:

Predicting the housing market’s fortunes in 2012 on the eve of the spring selling season is like guessing which direction an amoeba in a petri dish will move.

How often am I asked, “Judy how’s the Real Estate Market?”  We are trained and scripts are written to give a ready made answer.  But really … how can anyone honestly answer this question?  I want to roll my eyes, shrug my shoulders and answer, how the heck am I suppose to know!  Instead, let me share what I learned at the Houston Association of Realtors, Montgomery County breakfast last week.

From the Economic Development Partnership here are the statistics for South Montgomery County Population Growth:  in all of Montgomery County the estimated population for 2010 was 458,171 and the projected number for the year 2015 is 552,203!  Now if that isn’t enough to get this Realtor® excited about the Real Estate Market in my area then I don’t know what would get me excited! Could excitement come from  Anadarko-plans-new-tower-to-accommodate-growth- ?  Anadarko’s additional tower is expected to be completed by 2014!  So that gives anticipated excitement to the Real Estate Market!
There were other companies named who are in the process of relocating to our area.  One of which is RPC Inc., which is bringing at least 150 jobs to our area this month.  Other known company names mentioned that will bring jobs to our area are McKesson Specialty Health Care, International Commodities Export Corporation , Talisman Energy.  When I mention our area, I must include the North Harris County expansion of The Exxon Construction which sits on the edge of our southern border of Montgomery County.  All of these companies and the trickle effect bring many hopes and lots of encouragement to our local economy, employment factors and foremost in my own world The Real Estate Market.

South Montgomery County offers amenities of numerous housing developments.  It is centrally located in the Houston Marketplace and well served by 2 large Airports.  The recreation on Lake Conroe is just a stone’s throw away!  The impact of Exxon moving to our area means that The Grand Parkway is happening and will be a highly beneficial infrastructure to our transportation system.

So given what I learned last week, and what I am continuing to hear about the future of my home area … I would say that, “The Real Estate Market is like an amoeba about ready to explode!”  That’s a heart felt answer.  Nothing you are going to see written in a script. But given all the statistics that our leaders here in Montgomery County, Texas are giving us, I would say there is a very bright future for the Real Estate Market.  Wouldn’t you?

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