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A  U.S. Census Bureau study shows Montgomery and Fort Bend Counties gaining thousands of residents moving from Harris Co.  Harris Co. is losing its wealthiest, best-educated residents to neighbors in the suburbs.  12,694 people from Harris Co moved to Fort Bend- followed by Montgomery Co with 9,487. Stephen Klineberg, the co-director of Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research said, “Fort Bend and Montgomery counties are two of the most attractive of those surrounding Harris County.  Noting that Harris is one of the nation’s most economically segregated counties.  There’s a basic tendency ‘the big sort’ for people to feel comfortable about living near people in the same income level as they are.” Klineberg has called Fort Bend one of the most diverse counties in the nation.  Fort Bend includes Richmond, Sugarland and Missouri City. In Montgomery County, County Judge Alan Sadler likewise sang the praises of his county, “Our growth has been consistent for 20 years,” he said, mentioning that a number of Harris County businesses-Exxon Mobil-have relocated or are moving to the northern suburbs.  “I could give you a speech on growth,” Sadler said. “We have a high quality of life in Montgomery County.”  If your ready to move to Montgomery County, or Spring, TX I will be happy to help you find a home where you can enjoy this wonderful quality of life, please call 832-360-7320 today! apr 11, 2016 – today, we’ll discuss the widespread rumors of kik messenger spy software, and review a few alleged kik spyware applications. nothing has so …

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