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There is a formula to selling in this market:A� Passion + TechnologyA�= SOLD.A� It is working for my sellers.A� Allow me to elaborate.

First, the house must be findable and appealing online because that is where 87% of the buyers start their home search.A� This is essential to maximizing the value of your home in a timely manner.A� It is not enough to simply add your home into the Multiple Listing Service. It is no longer enough to simply have a�?curb appeal,a�? A�it must have a�?google appeala�? as well and be search engine optimized and key word search-able for the scarce qualified buyer to find your home.A� Professional quality pictures and video tours help turn visitors on the web pages into offers on your home.A� As a Social Media Pro and ePro Realtor, I have geared my training to help me improve my web marketing and website to showcase listings with photos, videos, and information about the property that is trickled out to over 40 websites.A� Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn also add to the listing’s “web footprint” and increase the odds of the right qualified buyer finding it.A� I dona��t leave the sale of your home to chance, I put it in front of buyers as well as the Realtors in the North West Houston area via e-fliers.A�

Bottom line a�� my online marketing is proven to sell houses. I offer online home tours via videos and comprehensive real estate news and data and distribute this information through multiple channels. I am committed to cutting edge technology that improves your bottom line in real estate transactions.

Relocating to the area? With the tools for your research on my website, you can make a decision on a home without traveling or with a few days visit. I have recognized and responded to todaya��s consumer by staying on top of the market and the internet technology that ensures their home stands out from the crowd in any market. Thata��s why I can honestly tell my clients that is penegra tablet erect penis order clarina ospina buy serevent diskus Passion + Technology = SOLD.

Second, Passionate about Real Estate.A� One of the ways I chose to drive traffic toA�my website is by writing my blog.A� I have been awarded “The Best Real Estate Blog in Texas” according to The Mays Business School and Real Estate Research Center at Texas A&M University.A�

To sell in this market, you must have a Realtor that knows the market and knows that in a down market, marketing and packaging matters.A� Dona��t let my use of technology intimidate you if youa��re not a social media bug, just use it to sell your home.A� I continue to use the traditional Realtor marketing techniques as well.A� My marketing plan is proven to work even in a down market.A� If you need to sell your home, call me for the help it is going to require to sell in this economy.A� Ia��d love to help you and since I am a relocation specialist, I can help you relocate to anywhere in the world.A� Of course, I think Texas is the best place to live.

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