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To apply for your Residence Homestead Exemption use Property Tax Form 50-114. Montgomery County, Texas homeowners can find their forms at

Remember: This must be owned by you and occupied as your principal residence.
File: With the appraisal district for the county where the property is located.
When: January 1 and no later than April 30
Note: You do not need to reapply annually once granted

The Chief Appraiser may request additional information … you have 30 days from date of request.

Appraisal District’s Name: Montgomery County Central Appraisal District
Phone: 936-756-3354
Address: 109 Gladstell Conroe, Tx 77301

Now that the formalities are covered let’s move on to the 7 Steps of the application:

Step 1:

State the year for which you are seeking exemption(s) …
Most likely if you lived in your home by Jan 1st then the year will be 2012. If you neglected to fill out your application a homeowner is allowed to go back 2 years.
State the date you began occupying the property as your principal residence …
Do you own the property … X the box Yes or No (remember you must own the property)

Step 2:

Your Name, Mailing Address, City, State and Zip go on the next few lines. Names of all owners need to be provided (attach additional sheets if needed)
Drivers license, Personal ID Certificate or Social Security # must be provided. These will be kept confidential.
Don’t forget to indicate the % ownership.

Step 3:

Now describe your Property. The legal description and the District Account # can also be found at search using either your address or your Name. the Account# will begin with the letter R…

Step 4:

Identify as many of the exemptions that apply. For sure the box General Residence Homestead Exemption will be checked. Also notice that there are other boxes; Disabled Person Exemption, Age 65 or Older Exemption, Surviving Spouse, 100% Disabled Veteran Exemption, or Surviving Spouse of Disabled Veteran who Received the 100% Disabled Veteran’s Exemption. Notice all restrictions that apply to each and the Affidavits that may be required.
If you are not sure whether to check the box seeking a school tax limitation from your last home there is information defining this term at

Step 5:

This Part Is New, Pay Attention to Addresses Matching
Send copies of Required Documents addresses must match property address!
1) Applicants driver’s license or State-Issued Personal ID certificate.
2) a copy of the vehicle registration receipt or
an affidavit to the effect stating applicant does not own a vehicle and a copy of a utility bill in applicants name.

Step 6:

Is this unit cooperative housing? check Yes or No

Step 7:

Read, Sign and Date! Make No False Statements!
Judy Reynolds, your RealtorĀ® has walked you through the form and You might be done now…

Or, we might need to put sticky notes (to serve as reminders) on the form where you are waiting on documents with matching addresses. Remember you have until April 30 to send to the Central Appraisal District. I highly recommend that you utilize a Post Office Tracking Service to prove the district received your forms on time.
Almost Done …

Do you need a Notary for any of the Affidavits on the last page? Many of the personal banks will have notaries on staff. If I have helped you through the process of buying your dream home then I personally will see to it that we set up an appointment and have the Affidavits notarized at my office!

Thank you Lynn for Notarizing the Affidavits for my Clients!

Call me!
Judy Reynolds, RealtorĀ®, Standing by to help you through the home buying and ownership process! 936-203-7761

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