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The recently expired federal homebuyer’s tax credit was one of the most publicized buyer-assistance programs ever. Many Texans now assume they’ve missed the window to benefit from this type of buyer aid. In a lot of cases, though, they are wrong – especially for those considered eligible for “workforce housing.”

Even many Texas REALTORS® aren’t aware of what’s available for their workforce-housing clients. Thanks in part to an NAR grant awarded to the Texas Association of REALTORS®, though, there are three ways you can assist firefighters, teachers, service workers, and other in finding decent affordable housing in the community where they work.


This site, sponsored by the Texas Association of REALTORS®, contains a searchable online database of homebuyers-assistance programs. You and your clients can find Texas-based programs that offer down payment assistance, below-market mortgage interest, and other aid.

To find programs, the user supplies information about income, family, homeownership status, and location. The site returns results that apply to that person’s situation. also provides information on issues that may affect first-time buyers, such as predator lending and credit repair.

 Take new training

Texas REALTORS® University is offering new courses through local associations on the ever-changing FHA rules, manufactured housing, and These courses count toward the Texas Affordable Housing Specialist (TAHS) certification, which puts you in touch with more potential homebuyers via an online searchable database of TAHS graduates on The new MCE courses are: Help for Homebuyers, FHA Lending for Workforce Housing, and Manufactured Housing Today. Use the Course search on to find one of these coming to a local association near you.

Conduct a consumer workshop

The Texas Association of REALTORS® Housing Opportunity Foundation will issue grants up to $1,500 to conduct consumer workshops on workforce housing. This is a great opportunity for Texas REALTORS® to position themselves as the expert and advocates for affordable workforce housing in their area. To learn more, visit

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