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I just posted a news story about Apartment Occupancy, Rent Down Statewide .  I think rentals are down statewide because many renters over the last year have taken part in the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit.   The program allows first time home buyers to get back up to $8,000 as a tax credit just for buying their first home.  This program is still going on and lasts until December 1st.  There is talk about extending it, but as of right now, it will be ending soon.  If you are currently renting and would like more information about the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit you can read more about HERE.  I would love to help you get into your new energy efficient home.

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  • Shannon Register, Realtor

    You know, Greg, you might be right. I didn’t think of it that way.

  • Greg

    Could be that more people are living rent-free under their favorite bridge.

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