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When you purchase a home, the home inspection is one of the move important parts of the process. If you don’t get a home inspection, you may pay for a house that has a leaky roof, poor wiring, termites and other pest damage, dangerous asbestos qualities in the air, or a cracked foundation. After you’ve purchased the house, there is little you can do if you’ve waived your right to a home inspection. As a Realtor, I highly recommend all buyers get home inspections. I have many inspectors that I have personally worked with and can give you a list to choose from if you are not familiar with an inspector to call on.

1. Not getting a home inspection is the number one mistake you can make when purcahsing a home.
2. You should always sign a contract with your home inspector that outlines the services he will provide for you and the price.
3. Don’t use a person, use a company for your home inspections.
4. Read the contract carefully that the home inspector provides so you understand what he will be inspecting. There should be a guarantee in the contract against mistakes and omissions the inspector might make.
5. Consider all of your payment options. When did sellers last get a home inspection? Maaybe they have a recent one you can use. Or maybe you can get them to pay for part of it.
6. Make sure your inspector is not affiliated with a contractor. That’s just bad…don’t go there.
7. Make sure you get samples of thier work and recommendations before you lock into a contract with an inspector.
8. Buyers should attend the home inspection so they understand any negatives the inspector adds to the report. You need to understand your home inspection report.
9. For anything you don’t understand about the inspection results, ask the inspector to explain it to you. Many inspectos provide photos in their reports which can be helpful.
10. Sellers will need to understand the inspection if they are going to be asked to make repairs on the home.