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How important is it that you have a good lender when you are buying a home?  Very important!  Why?  Because if you do not close on the date that has been written in as the closing date on the contract, you could lose the home of your dreams.  So what happens if you don’t close on time?  Well, usually the seller will agree to extend the closing, but in return you must release atleast part of your earnest money to them.  So if your lender falls through, you won’t get all your earnest money back.  What else could happen?  Your seller could take a backup offer and you’d lose the property.  Your seller might require more option money to keep the property off the market for you.  But needless to say, your seller is not going to be happy about extending the closing.  That is why it is so important to get a good mortgage lender.  I know several that I work with on a regular basis and can refer you to.  Don’t get stuck on closing day, get closed!  Work with a reputable lender who will close you on time to avoid head aches.

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