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At Register Real Estate Advisors we have been sharing our White Board Monday Series with you for over two years.  Our agents have devoted a lot of time to create interesting real estate content that will help you in your real estate transactions.  Our White Board Monday Series has been a weekly 2-3 minute video of real estate information that we thought would help consumers to better understand real estate transactions.  We have received a lot of positive feedback on the video series and want to continue to publish the series.  However, as a Brokerage, we have taken on other projects this year and plan to take on even more next year in 2013.  We have many exciting new things brewing for the new year and hope you are listening to our radio show, Houston Real Estate Radio for the latest news and information about real estate.  We will continue to bring you the White Board Monday series, but it may not happen every week consistently like it has in the past.  We have covered just about every topic I can think of and we are still covering topics on the weekly radio show and on the blog.  So if you see that we miss a few Mondays, don’t be alarmed.  When our agents have an idea to share on the white board, we will send it out on this blog and our social media and youtube channel.  We appreciate your readership and if there are any issues or real estate questions you would like to see explained, please post them below and we will add them to the series.  Thank you for watching our White Board Monday series over the past couple of years.  We have such an awesome audience!

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