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Are you considering relocating to northwest Houston?  If you were effected by Hurricane Harvey and are contemplating a move north, we understand why.  Houston’s revisions to its floodplain ordinance could diminish housing affordability in the short term by increasing the construction costs and, therefore, home prices.  In the long run, the benefits incurred from mitigating flood damage may outweigh the increased construction costs, but that is yet to be determined.  For existing homes, the cost of elevating them is high due to the great intensity and difficulty of labor involved.  If you’re ready to move to northwest Houston, our experienced Realtors can assist you in finding a property that has never flooded.  While no one can guarantee a property will never flood, it is likely that if it has never flooded, it may never flood in the future.  Call today to meet one of our experienced Houston Realtors that can assist you with finding a flood free home.

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