The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University distributes a wealth of information to the public about the real estate market in Texas.  I thought this excerpt taken from the Real Estate Center Market Overview 2008 had some interesting facts about this area.  Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest in the nation.  It has seen a 21.9% growth in the Harris County area from 1997 to 2007 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  Some of the top employers in the area are Wal Mart Stores, Heb and Kroger Groceries,  Continental Airlines, Exxon and Shell Oil Companies according to the Houston Chronicle.  The leading health care industries are Memorial Hermann Healthcare System and MD Anderson Cancer Center.  According to the 2007 Housing Affordability Index the median priced home in Houston was $151,000.00.  That number has probably gone down in our bear market.  To qualify for a loan for that price on a home in Houston the income necessary was $37,267.00.  The required income has most likely increased due to the credit crunch.