Pre-Purchase Rate Protection (PPRP) offered by Coldwell Banker Mortgage safeguards your rate no matter what.  You’re protected whether rates go up, down, or stay the same.  Every customer is given the opportunity to enroll in this unique program as soon as they have a mortgage pre-approval decision.  PPRP is a service that safeguards your interest rate against market fluctuation.  When you sign up, your interest rate will be capped according to where rates are at that time.  No matter how high rates go, you won’t pay more that the capped rate.  If rates go down, you’ll have a one-time opportunity time to “float down” and lock in a lower rate before closing.  No matter which way rates go, you’re protected.  With Coldwell Banker’s Four to the Door program, buying a home is easy.  Their four-step mortgage program starts with getting a pre-approval, then you and your REALTOR  find a home.  Next, return documents and lastly, close on time.  Call your Spring Specialist Real Estate Professional today for more information – Shannon Register 832.628.7355.