You worked hard to get your Texas Real Estate License. Use it to earn money!


Get paid for the people you know that have a real estate need even if you’re not ready to work in the industry. It’s the financial benefit of having a license with out the agent responsibility. Welcome to RREA Realty LLC Referral Network where you keep your license active, refer real estate business to REALTORS, and get paid a referral commission. RRREA Realty LLC is a sister company of Register Real Estate Advisors.

Are you considering becoming inactive? Or is your license inactive and you know people looking to buy or sell real estate? Tired of paying MLS and Association Dues? RREA Realty LLC allows you to keep your license active, or activate it, without any MLS or Board Association Dues.

Plus you have a whole company of REALTORS at Register Real Estate Advisors that can assist all your potential buyers and sellers for you and pay you for the real estate referrals. Just use our convenient online portal to refer your friends. Then sit back and wait for your check! It’s that easy. Plus, you are always welcome to join us for our training at Register Real Estate Advisors when you’re ready to transition back into being an active REALTOR. We make it so simple for you.

There are so many licensed agents that don’t have the training or desire to work with clients. We created RREA Realty LLC to allow you to earn income off of people you know that have a desire to buy or sell real estate without having to practice as a REALTOR and be a member of a local board association or MLS. Start earning your referral commissions today!

Total Cost? A one time sign-up fee of $79 and an annual administration fee of $175.

  • No Time Commitment
  • No experience Needed
  • No Monthly Office Fees
  • No MLS Dues
  • No Board Association Dues (NO HAR, TAR, nor NAR)
  • No franchise Fees and No Royalty Fees
  • No E & O Insurance
  • No Hidden Expenses
Own another business? When you join RREA Realty LLC, we will give you 10% off of all RREA Media services. Visit to see what we can do for your business. We have helped other agents build their businesses while holding their real estate license. RREA Media offers web design, videos, photography, radio and television ads, graphic design, and more.

It Pays!

Refer anyone with a real estate need anywhere in the world and get paid a referral fee. Just complete a referral through our online portal so our Relocation Director can place the lead with a qualified Register Real Estate Advisors Realtor. You can request a particular REALTOR to work with your client. You can refer friends, neighbors, co-workers, Facebook friends, yourself, relatives, local businesses, members of organizations, all spheres of influence, people from your database, anyone you know that’s planning to buy, sell, or rent real estate. Make money by just referring people from the comfort of your home. Once the lead is a closed transaction, you will be paid your referral commission. Plus, we make everything convenient online all the time!

Ready to go? We are too! Submit this form and follow the instructions.