What is a Referral Sales Associate?

Anyone with an active real estate license who contractually agrees not to actively engage in real estate transactions nor give advice and opinion about real estate. They must renew their license as required by TREC and complete continuing education classes as required.

order amaryllis flower Who should sign up with RREA Realty LLC?

  • Brand new agents that are not ready to transition to real estate
  • Anyone who has a full time career but also has a real estate license
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  • Stay at home parents wanting to use their license
  • Retirees from full time real estate sales who want to earn an income stream
  • Any real estate agent that does not want to pay Board Dues but wants an income from real estate commissions
  • Anyone with a real estate license that would like to generate lucrative referral commissions

How much can I earn?

90% of every referral commission ai??i?? there is No Limit to the amount you can earn!

online citalopram What if my license is inactive or expired? Pills

You must contract the Texas Real Estate Commission to get your license activated. Then you can sign up with RREA Realty LLC online.

How do I apply?

Redirect back to TREC sign up page and contact form on website

For more information contact our broker, Shannon Register, at 281-288-3500

Is this only for people licensed in the state of Texas?


Can I refer to an agent in another city, another state, or another country? canada pharmacy online orders