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1- 1-Beam (old designation)

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ALT- Alternate

Alum- Aluminum

A.I.A.- American Institute of Architects

A.I.A.S.- American Institute of Architect Students

A.I.E.E.- American Institute of Electrical Engineers

A.I.S.C.- American Institute of Steel Construction

A.S.H.R.A.E.- American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers

A.S.T.M.- American Society for Testing Materials

A.S.A.- American Standards Association, Inc.

AWG- American Wire Gauge

APT- Apartment

ARCH- Architectural

AVE- Avenue

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BSMT- Basement

B- Bathroom

BR- Bedroom, Brass

BLKG- Blocking

BD- Board

BM- Board measure, Beam, Bench mark

BTU- British Thermal Unit

BLDG- Building

BL- Building Line

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C- Hundred

CAB- Cabinet

CI- Cast Iron

CLG- Ceiling

CEM- Cement

C- Center

CL- Center Line

C to C- Center to Center

cm – Centimeters

Co- Cleanout

CLO- Closet

COL- Column

COMB- Combination

COMP- Composition

CONC- Concrete

CONST- Construction

C.S.I.- Construction Specifications Institute

CU. FT.- Cubic Feet

CFM- Cubic Feet Per Minute

CU. IN.- Cubic Inch

CU.YD.- Cubic Yard

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DTL- Detail

DIA (M)- Diameter

DIM- Dimension

DR- Dining Room

DO or ai??? Ditto

DIV- Divided or Division

DR- Door

DA- Double Acting

DHW- Double-hung Window

DSA- Double Strength Grade-A Glass

DSB- Double Strength Grade-B Glass

DS- Downspout

DOZ- Dozen

DWG- Drawing

D4S- Dressed and Matched (4sides)

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EA- Each

E- East

EL- Elevation

ENCL- Enclosure

ENT- Entrance

EXT- Exterior

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FHA- Federal Housing Administration

FT- Feet

FPM- Feet Per Minute

FIG- Figure

FAO- Finish all Over

FL- Flashing, Floor

F.B.M.- Foot Board Measure

FTG- Footing

FDN- Foundation

FUR- Furring

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GAL- Gallon

GI- Galvanized Iron

GA- Gauge

GL- Glass

GYP- Gypsum

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HD- Head

HGT- Height

HEX- Hexagonal

HP- Horsepower

HB- Hose Bib

HW- Hot Water

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I.B.R.- Institute of Boiler and Radiator Manufacturers

INS- Insulate, Insulation

INT- Interior

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JB- Jamb

JT- Joint

J&P- Joist and Plank (lumber designation)

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KD- Kiln-dried

KW- Kilowatt

K- Kitchen

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LAU- Laundry

LAV- Lavatory

LT- Light (pane of glass)

L CL- Linen Closet

LR- Living room

LLV- Long Leg Vertical

LBR- Lumber

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M- Thousand

MFG- Manufacture

MC- Medicine Cabinet

mm.- Millimeters

MIN- Minimum

MISC- Miscellaneous

MOD- Modular

MLDG- Molding

MULL- Mullion


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NHA- National Housing Authority

N.L.M.A.- National Lumber Manufacturerai??i??s Association

N.W.A.H.A.C.A.- National Warm-Air Heating and Air-conditioning Association

NOM- Nominal

N- North

NIC- Not in Contract

NO. or #- Number

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OC- On Center

OPNG- Opening

OZ- Ounce

P Back to TopPART- Partition

PLAS or PL- Plaster

PL- Plate

PLBG- Plumbing

PWD- Plywood

PT- Pressure-treated

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QTY- Quantity

QT- Quart(s)

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RHW- Heat- and Moisture-Resistant Rubber Insulation

REF- Refrigerator

R- Rise, Range

RM- Room

RO- Rough Opening

R- Rubber

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SEC- Second

SH- Shower

SSB- Single-strength Grade B Glass

SK- Sink

S- South, Switch

SPECS- Specifications

SQ- Square

STD- Standard

S2E- Surface 2 Edges

S2S- Surface 2 Sides

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TEL- Telephone

TEMP- Temperature

TC- Terracotta

TH- Threshold

T&G- Tongue and Groove

T or TR- Tread

TYP- Typical

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UNEX- Unexcavated

UNFIN- Unfinished

USG- U.S. Standard Gauge

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Vent- Ventilation

VOL- Volume

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WC- Water Closet

WH- Water Heater

WP- Waterproof, Waterproofing

WWF- Welded Wire Fabric

WF – Wide Range

W/- With

WD- Wood

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YD- Yard

YP- Yellow Pine

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