Management / Staff

  • Daniel Gonzales
    Daniel Gonzales Media Associate/ Texas Business Radio Producer
  • Colleen Grace
    Colleen Grace Office Manager
  • Matt Register
    Matt Register Owner
  • JP Powell
    JP Powell Media Director
  • Shannon Register
    Shannon Register Broker of Record/Owner

Best Trained Agents in the Business

  • Sheryl Hunter
    Sheryl Hunter Realtor
  • Meredith Catrett
    Meredith Catrett Realtor
  • Cindy Henry
    Cindy Henry Realtor
  • Grace Couch
    Grace Couch Realtor
  • Jay Richardson
    Jay Richardson Realtor
  • Kendra Limbrick
    Kendra Limbrick Realtor
  • Krista Wright
    Krista Wright Realtor
  • Lam Nguyen
    Lam Nguyen Realtor
  • Laquitta Goins
    Laquitta Goins Realtor
  • Manuel Salgado
    Manuel Salgado Realtor
  • Keith Hebert
    Keith Hebert Broker Associate
  • Rebecca Privette
    Rebecca Privette Realtor
  • Lisa Thompson
    Lisa Thompson Realtor
  • Mary Ferguson
    Mary Ferguson Realtor
  • Donald Pizzi
    Donald Pizzi Realtor
  • Louis Guthrie
    Louis Guthrie Realtor
  • Grayling Deblanc
    Grayling Deblanc Realtor
  • Ryan Kirk
    Ryan Kirk Realtor
  • Jeff Priestley
    Jeff Priestley Realtor
  • Jana Giraud
    Jana Giraud Realtor
  • Dana Lynn
    Dana Lynn Realtor
  • Cam Collins
    Cam Collins Broker Associate
  • Dane Bigner
    Dane Bigner Realtor
  • Natalie Hurley
    Natalie Hurley Commercial Realtor
  • Steve Lynch
    Steve Lynch Realtor
  • Susan Holcomb
    Susan Holcomb Realtor
  • Ellen Hogan
    Ellen Hogan Realtor
  • Carlos DeUriarte
    Carlos DeUriarte Realtor
  • Donald Garner
    Donald Garner Realtor
  • Debby McCall
    Debby McCall Realtor
  • Chairidee Smith
    Chairidee Smith Realtor
  • Allyson Goodwin
    Allyson Goodwin Realtor
  • Casey Connor
    Casey Connor Realtor
  • Marilyn Parker
    Marilyn Parker Realtor
  • Robyn Scharlach
    Robyn Scharlach Realtor
  • Syndi Ben-Schoter
    Syndi Ben-Schoter Realtor