If you thought AM radio was a dying medium, think again. “Houston Real Estate Radio,” on Clear Channel’s KPRC AM950, is changing the way the industry is looking at talk radio. Shannon Register, the Broker/Owner of Register Real Estate Advisors (RREA.com) and host of the show, is combining the talk radio interview format with the power of new media.

Using a combination of online video, social media interaction, and good old-fashioned airwaves, Houston Real Estate Radio offers the consumer valuable insight and information about their housing market in a way never before offered.

“I started my real estate career as a blogger. We always look for ways to leverage technology to reach and educate consumers. The radio show is a logical extension of that,” Shannon says.

Broadcasting out of their own in-house studio, their six-camera setup and in-house graphics department produce videos of each segment. The interviewees include the movers and shakers in the housing market, economists, congressmen, and book authors. Some come into the studio, some call in, and some Skype in.

James Brown, a Realtor with RREA and the show’s co-host, enjoys the interaction. “We utilize social media as not only a distribution channel for our content, but a way to engage with our listeners.” In addition to the traditional call-ins, listeners are encouraged to ask questions via Twitter (using hashtag #HRER) and Facebook.

Recently the show has received some national recognition. The show brought home the best “TV/Radio/Talk Show” at the 2013 AVA Digital Awards.

“The problem with traditional talk radio is if a listener misses something that is said, it will never be heard again. There is so much more that can be done by repurposing that content for online use. Those interviews will still be found years from now.” Between her blog, the radio show, and social media, Shannon knows online content.

Houston Real Estate Radio airs on KPRC AM950 at 1PM on Sundays. It is also available on the iHeartRadio mobile app, iTunes, and KGCP Internet Radio. You can see the show and learn more at HoustonRealEstateRadio.com.