HOUSTON (Community Impact Newspaper <http://www.impactnews.com/northwest-houston/415-transportation/6472-hwy-290-projects-and-construction> ) – The Texas Transportation Commission has allocated $314.6 million in Prop. 12 funds to advance construction on the SH 290 and I-610 interchange.

 The project, which is phase one of the Texas Department of Transportation’s Hwy. 290 corridor renovation, includes one of two direct connectors from SH 290 eastbound to I-10. The connector will bypass I-610, alleviating rush-hour traffic.

 This intersection is ranked as the 13th most-congested road segment in Texas.

“The main benefit you’ll see is traffic on inbound SH 290,” said Mike Zientek, senior public involvement representative for the SH 290 program. “What backs it up in the morning is the people who have to get on 610 to go to I-10. The big reason for the backup is so many of those cars must get on 610.”

 Voters approved Prop. 12 two years ago, allocating $5 billion as general obligation funds for transportation projects.