DALLAS (Dallas Morning News) – A recent study by the Dallas Morning News suggests that DFW’s housing market woes may have
hit bottom.

According to the study, home foreclosures in the first half of this year were down more than 10 percent from the same period last
year, and more than 25 percent from the same period in 2008.

Lenders foreclosed on more than 7,800 DFW homes during the first half of this year, reports Addison-based Foreclosure Listing Service. The
total value of those properties was almost $779 million.

Foreclosure rates are highest in places such as Celina, Anna, Princeton, Lavon, Little Elm, Lancaster, Glenn Heights, Forest Hill, Blue Mound and Fate.

D’Ann Petersen with the Federal Research Bank of Dallas said foreclosures bear watching and may remain elevated until there’s sustained improvement in
the housing market.

“The housing market is still wobbly, but it does appear to have reached a bottom,” she said.