TEXAS (San Antonio Business Journal) – Texans can begin applying for rebates on energy-efficient appliances Monday, April 5th. That’s when the Texas Trade Up Appliance Rebate Program will start distributing rebate forms on select Energy Star appliances.

Forms will be available online at www.TexasPowerfulSmart.org or by calling 877-780-3039.

Consumers will be limited to two appliance rebates per household. They can earn rebates of:

  • $240 on an Energy Star–rated refrigerator;
  • $180 on a freezer;
  • $110 or $140 on a dishwasher;
  • $600, $800 or $1,000 on a central air conditioner;
  • $1,200 to $1,600 on an air-source heat pump;
  • $190 to $640 on a hot water heater; or
  • $45 on a room air conditioner.

Energy Star appliances must be purchased by Texas residents either at stores in Texas or through Texas contractors. The purchase period for the program will be April 16–25. Shoppers can also receive a $75 rebate to recycle an old appliance.