COLLEGE STATION (Real Estate Center) – There are seven reasons
business owners do not want to hire right now, according to Real Estate Center
Chief Economist Dr. Mark Dotzour writing in today’s REC

  • Complete
    uncertainty regarding the future cost of health care for business owners
  • Two
    thousand pages of bank regulation that has yet to be enacted
  • Regulation
    of health care and health insurance
  • Regulation
    of off-shore oil drilling
  • Regulation
    of oil-shale deposits
  • Complete
    uncertainty about future income tax rates
  • Complete
    uncertainty about future capital gains tax rates

“When business owners are unsure about their future, what do they do?
Nothing,” writes Dotzour. “They just try to survive until the storm
is over.

“They also hoard cash, like almost $2 trillion at this point. Our
economy is not going to recover until businessmen and women regain confidence
in the future opportunities in our country.”