TEXAS CITY (Galveston Daily News) – In the first extensive revision of residential ordinances in 23 years, the city is seeking changes to the rules for building new subdivisions.

At the heart of the ordinance revisions are provisions to create a design standard for sidewalks, lots and block size and structure, as well as drainage system designs for new subdivisions.

Along with those standards would come requirements for developers to seek city approval on engineering plans for streets, storm sewer systems, drainage facilities and other public utilities.

Developers would also have to create park space for any subdivision with more than 100 lots. The maintenance would be the responsibility of the homeowners’ association, but the park would have to be open to the general public.

The city would also increase its charges to review plats. Under the current ordinance, developers pay $100 regardless of the size of the development project. Under the new ordinance, the city would charge $100 plus $5 per lot in the subdivision, in addition to a charge of $10 per acre with a ceiling of $1,000 for subdivisions larger than 20 acres.

The revised ordinance would also put new requirements on homeowners. Specifically, it would require all property owners of subdivisions with private streets to participate in the neighborhood’s homeowners’ association.

Gated or private communities would be required to build two separate entrances to the neighborhood, one of which could be designated for emergency access only.

Texas City commissioners are expected to give final approval to the overhauled ordinance by the end of October.