WASHINGTON, D.C. (National Association of Realtors) – Nationally, consumers’ appetites for rental properties increased real estate-related web traffic by 27 percent last month, reports Experian Hitwise.
The websites boasting the largest year-over-year increases in traffic were devoted to rental or rent-to-own listings, said Heather Dougherty, research director for the global information services company.
According to Hitwise, the ten most popular search terms on real estate sites in the last year were:
1. rent to own homes,
2. rent to own,
3. foreclosure,
4. for rent by owner,
5. Puerto Rico real estate,
6. houses for rent in Orlando,
7. apartments for rent in Michigan,
8. low income apartments,
9. houses for rent by owner, and
10. reverse mortgages.
Traffic coming from social networks to real estate sites increased 61 percent year-over-year last month.