WASHINGTON, D.C. (Urban Land Institute) – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has released its “Enterprising States 2011” report, and it enhances Texas’ reputation for being a business-friendly state.

The Lone Star State ranked sixth on the list of top ten states for low business taxes and regulations. The report said “the Lone Star State is a low-tax state that offers a low cost of living and has an enterprise-friendly climate that’s paying off with high job growth rates. Recent state initiatives include a business tax reform that raises the revenue exemption.”

Ahead of Texas were Tennessee, South Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska and Indiana.

According to the Urban Land Institute, “states were ranked in a variety of performance metrics, including their tax and regulatory environments. Those environments were compared in five ways: overall state and local tax burdens, corporate taxes, small-business costs, state government budget gaps, and cost-of-living indices.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce noted that states making the top ten were mostly inland locales, saying desirable coastal states don’t always need incentives to attract business investment and expansion.