TEXAS (San Antonio Express-News) – Real Estate Center economists have been saying it for the past few years, and now the latest census data are supporting it: Texas is on the verge of a population boom.

 “Today, one out of 12 Americans lives in Texas — the same proportion that lived in New York City in 1930,” wrote Michael Barone recently in the Wall Street Journal.

 “Metropolitan Dallas and metropolitan Houston, with about six million people each, threaten to overtake our fourth-largest metro area, San Francisco Bay (population about seven million), in the next decade,” he said.

 Barone, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, was comparing census data from the past eight decades.

 According to the San Antonio Express-News, initial census numbers last month were necessary so states could know how many congressional districts they would have. Texas picked up four additional districts.

 Look for more 2010 census data to be released as the year progresses.