Mays Business School LogoThe Real Estate Center at Texas A&M is trying to find the “Best Real Estate Blog in Texas”. My blog is a finalist. I would appreciate your continued support by voting for my blog. It is easy and everyone can do it. Just send the form below by filling in your name and hitting “submit”. If you would like to send some comments about why you like it, it would be appreciated, but not required. That’s it. 3 seconds. Thanks for your help and, like they say in New Orleans, vote early – vote often.

This is the semi-finals. If I win this round (I should find out Tuesday the 21st) then I am going to ask you to do it again for the finals!

As of July 21, this blog won the semi-finals. Thank you for your support. In the next couple of weeks, voting for the finals will begin. Stay tuned for the new voting form.