The first impression buyers have when they enter your home can make a big difference. If your home is clean, organized, and well maintained, they can begin imagining their family living in that space. However, if appears to need work, prospective buys may cross it off their list. That is why I have combined tips from several sources. Little things can make a big difference!

Curb Appeal

Replace missing or loose shingles

Remove any debris from around the home that could cause pest and
insect problems

Mow and edge the lawn

Prune and trim trees and shrubs

Rake leaves and pick up fallen limbs

Sweep porches, patios, sidewalks, and steps

Re-mulch flower beds

Replace dead or diseased shrubs and flowers

Plant seasonal flowers to beautify the yard

Power wash and/or re-paint outdoor furniture

Discard any broken outdoor pots, put away lawn tools/toys

Clean and check storm doors and screen doors

Repaint outside of house or just shutters

Fertilize yard, shrubs, and flowers and water regularly

Weed flower beds

Oil squeaky gates

Clean gutters

Clean up after pets

Systems Check

Replace heating and air conditioning filters

Check for loose stair rails, deck rails, and raised nails

Have slow running drains cleaned out

Make sure bathroom sink and tub stoppers work properly

Label electric box if possible for each breaker

Clean the pool and all equipment

Oil squeaky doors

Replace any cracked or broken glass or mirrors

Spring Cleaning

Check ceilings for water damage

Make Beds

Put away toys, shoes, & clothes

Put out a nice coffee table book

Turn off TV

Straighten rugs and empty trash cans


Don’t leave food or dirty dishes out in the open

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Put away animal food when not in use

Polish wood surfaces

Clean carpets and treat any spots

Wax woodwork if possible

Clean all glass – including windows inside and outside

De-clutter garage and attic spaces

Clean out closets

Clean draperies and steam if needed

Store shoes neatly

Use vinegar to clean mineral deposits off the heating element of
your dishwasher

Clean oven, stove top and microwave

Clean garbage disposal by pushing ice cubes through it while
running cold water and follow it with a lemon

Once a year, clean the coils on the back and underneath
refrigerator with a vacuum cleaner

Replace light bulbs with 75-watt bulbs to brighten the rooms of
your house

Clean out fireplace

Open drapes and blinds and turn on all the lights prior to all

Arrange furniture to provide large walkways and open spaces

Repair/Restore damaged furniture

Fresh cut flowers always look and smell wonderful

Clean or repaint the front door and shine the hardware or replace it

Replace old house numbers

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Remove busy wallpaper

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Leave a box of baking soda in the refrigerator

Remove any odors from pets, cooking, tobacco, oil, and gas

Remove strong political or religious statements and most of your
family photos

Replace plastic switch plate covers with brass or porcelain

Replace outdated kitchen lights with track lighting

Install new knobs and hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Have rippling carpets stretched

Paint rooms with neutral colors

Recalk around sinks, tubs, and toilets

Organize kitchen cabinets so they look spacious

Remove small kitchen appliances from counters to get rid of clutter

Replace old toilet seats

In bathrooms place all personal care items out of sight

Replace old shower curtains, towels, and towel racks

Fix dripping faucets that will discolor your sink and suggest worn out plumbing

Fix toilets that do not flush completely or run continuously

Replace bent window screens

Clean light fixtures

Dust fans

Make sure there are no signs of pests in the attic, basement, or

Make sure all lights are working, change lightbulbs that are blown

Clean and organize laundry areas

Clean garage oil stains

Hang gardening and other tools on the garage walls to get clutter
off the floors

Sweep garage floor


Make sure pet areas are clean and pets are kenneled for showings

Secure jewelry, medications, cash, and other valuables before showings

Leave while your house is being shown

If anyone wants to see your house without an agent refer them to me so I can pre-screen them

** Home Selling Tip ** Think safety.Ai?? Homeowners learn to live with all kinds of self-set booby traps; roller scates on the stairs, tangled extension cords, slippery throw rugs and low-hanging overhead lights.Ai?? Make your residence as non-perilous as possible for uninitiated visitors.

**Home Selling Tip** Create an information sheet that lists your home’s features and upgrades, especially those that people might otherwise overlook.Ai?? Give this to your real estate agent, who will use the information when talking with potential purchasers.