New Billboard!

My new billboard just went up on I-45 North between The Woodlands and Spring. If you happen to be driving that direction, look to your right! There I am! I am excited about it. Hopefully it will [...]

Oh, the Temptation!!

This is a very cute video of some kids that were put through temptation. They were placed in a room and given one marshmallow by the tester. They were told they could eat the marshmallow now, or [...]

Moving to Houston

z pak using paypal ** UPDATE 12-28-09 ** This post was written when I was affiliated with Coldwell Banker United and Cartus Global Network. I have since formed my own company and am no longer [...]

Home Owners Insurance

I am Michael Isaac with Nationwide Insurance and I have worked in the insurance industry for six years, the last three with Nationwide. My goal is to create an agency clients know is completely [...]

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