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We have a great show for you today. The show broadcasts at 1PM on KPRC AM950 in Houston and is available via the iHeartRadio mobile app. Enjoy the show!

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Happy Halloween

Here is a breakdown of the show:

  • This being the week of Halloween, we thought it was fitting to talk about haunted houses and ghost stories. Lenor Lumiere, with Ghost Tours Texas, talks to us about some of the haunted houses in and around the Houston area. Ghost Tours Texas provides walking tours of haunted houses on Galveston and Houston.
  • We recently has a local neighborhood’s HOA board recommend making some changes to their covenants. They wanted to hold the HOA dues senior to all other debt on the home for people purchasing homes in the community. While this action would make it easier to collect past due home owners dues, it comes with some pretty severe unintended consequences. We talk to Brady Ortego, an HOA attorney with Roberts Markel, and Mike Lesmeister, a mortgage banker with the Home Loan Specialists Team at Ameripro Fnding, to help us get to the bottom of this issue. This issue with the neighborhood in question has since been resolved and they decided not to pursue the change to the covenants.
  • This is our last weekend on KPRC AM950. We are moving to NewsRadio 740 KTRH starting next weekend. We will be heard at 6PM on 740. We thank you for listening and hope you can catch us at our new station!

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Houston Real Estate Radio is moving!

Starting on November 3rd (next weekend), Houston Real Estate Radio will be moving to a new time and station. You will be able to find us at 6pm on 950’s sister station, NewsRadio 740 AM KTRH. We are excited about the move and cannot wait to share our real estate news and information with all of the Houston area listeners.


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HOA Part 1 – Brady Ortego and Mike Lesmeister

HOA Part 2 – Mike Lesmeister

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Don’t miss our Veterans Day Weekend Special on November 10th

On November 10th, we will have a very special show dedicated to our veterans and some of their housing issues. We will have a couple of our favorite charities that provide some much needed housing assistance to wounded warriors on the show. Operation Finally Home and Building Homes for Heroes will be joining us along with special guest and legendary rocker, Ted Nugent. Don’t miss it! 6PM Sunday, November 10th on NewsRadio 740 KTRH.[/box]

Don’t forget to ask your real estate question this week to have it answered on the air. Call the 24hr Answer Line at 281.882.8088 or use hashtag #HRER on Twitter! Talk to you next week!

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