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Thanks for joining us for this St. Patrick’s Day edition of the program! We are so glad you are here. We have a great show for you today. The show broadcasts at 1PM on The 9-5-0 in Houston and is available via the iHeartRadio mobile app. Enjoy the show!

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Here is a breakdown of the show:

  • David Jarvis, Director at MetroStudy, joins us for two segments to talk about their economic studies of Houston and how we are handling our current housing growth and how we need to handle our future challenges. You can learn more about David and his team at
  • Jesse Brewer, author of “Tenants Uncommon”, joins us to share his stories about being a landlord. You can find his book at Amazon.

Spring Lakes

Here is some more information.

David Jarvis, Director at MetroStudy

Part 2 with David Jarvis

Jesse Brewer, author of “Tenants Uncommon”

James and I talk about some of the top 10 lists Jesse has in his book.


Don’t forget to ask your real estate question this week to have it answered on the air. Call the 24hr Answer Line at 281.882.8088 or use hashtag #HRER on Twitter! Talk to you next week!

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