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Purchasing a home is quite a process and undertaking. You purchase one of life’s largest assets and put your family in it to live. It’s quite emotional and a very expensive decision. It’s so important, you insure the new asset. So picking the right house is crucial. That’s why it’s so important to do your own homework before you buy and have a Realtor helping you that can truly give you the best advice.

Some people want to cut Realtor commissions, but what they don’t realize is they not only cut services, but many times they also have an agent that is not a skilled professional. Someone who will dedicate a month and hours of their life to find the right home cannot cut their commission. To do that, they would have to work with many clients at the same time and not give you the attention you deserve. They are too busy chasing leads to help you find the right home.

At RREA, we are a full service brokerage offering all the services needed to help you purchase and sell your next home. We are not a discount brokerage, nor do we want to be. We are not the cheapest, because we know that being the cheapest isn’t the level of service our clients deserve. We believe in true customer service and giving you top level support and accommodations. When you sell with RREA, your home will be showcased using professional photographs and video. Not a slide show of the photos, but a real video. We won’t just put it on youtube, but we add it to blogs, social media, and many other sites. You will get the marketing results your home deserves when you list it with a brokerage that has a full production radio and video studio and an in house marketing firm.

Check out our Team Page to see which agent is right for your next move or call 281-288-3500.

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