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It’s never a good time to sell without a Realtor.  Here are my top four reasons.  There are many more.  Call me for more details.  281-288-3500.

1.  A seller won’t know if the prospective buyer is pre-approved to purchase a home.

2.  A Realtor can show your home during the day while you continue your work and your life.

3.  Seller’s do not have access to the MLS which is where consumers and Realtors look for homes.  The MLS is the information on homes for sale that is also sent to popular websites like Trulia, Zillow, and

4.  If you aren’t using a Realtor to sell your home, then you are not offering a buyer’s agent commission to bring a buyer to your home.  Therefore, the agents with buying clients will prefer to not show your home to their clients.[en-us];;;;buy cialis online from trusted pharmacy;american benedictine formation conference . vocation directory. … a guide to religious ministries another online resource for information about religious life.

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