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1.A� In general, a foreclosureA�property should beA�at least 20% lower than similar homes in the area.A�A�A�

2.A� Buying a foreclosure at auction is risky.A� The home could have liens, be in poor condition, or have other legal headaches attached.A� Buying bank-held or HUD foreclosure propertiesA�is safer.A�

3.A� Do your homework!A� Rumors of bargain prices have attracted buyers to the foreclosure market, but it’s not always a good deal.A�A�Sometimes multiple bids on a property drive up the price making itA�less of aA�bargain.A�

4.A� There are a lot of un-reputable websites that promote foreclosures.A� A good website to use is� You can also search the entire Houston MLS Database at online prescription meds generic proscar forum

5.A� Work with an experienced Realtor (like me!) that has access to foreclosure data through the Multiple Listing Service.A� Impulsive or uneducated buyers can get taken advantage of and acquire a home with many problems.

6.A� Make sure you have the home inspected during your option period.A� If theA�bank will notA�allow an option period, get it inspected before putting in an offer.A� Your inspector will be able to spot water, pest, and structural problems.A� If the inspector recommends it, hire an HVAC professional to check out the heating and air conditioning system.A�

7.A� If there are repairs that need to be made youA�should get estimates for repair costs before getting locked into a contract on the home.

8.A� Get a Pre-Approval before house hunting, as the bank will require that with your offer. buy finpecia cipla

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  • georges salem

    Hallo Miss Shannon
    I appreciate what you mentioned in the tips, and in this regards:
    I will come to USA in the few coming months and i would like to:
    1-buy a 1 family home 3bd, 2.5 bath-r, with a land.
    2-good conditions
    3-be a good deal at a price (not more than 100.000 $), and less than the market
    4-in a good and safe family area where i could start a job
    2 or 3 families house so i can use one story myself and hire the others to pay mortgage

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