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As Spring approaches, many homeowners and home sellers want to choose a landscape company to improve their curb appeal. If you need a good reference for a landscaper, call us at RREA and we can provide you the names and numbers of many landscapers that have done work for us and our clients. When choosing a landscape company, below are a few things to keep in mind.
1. Find a company that meets your purpose – is it a drainage issue, planting issue, or maintenance service you need?
2. Get a contract – a contract will help to steer you clear of a miscommunication. It should include a time frame for doing the work and what will be planted.
3. Insurance – does the landscape company have workman’s comp insurance? What about liability insurance? Get the names and numbers and call them before the work begins to confirm coverage.
4. Picture Perfect – Take photos before the landscape work begins, especially those problem areas you expect to be fixed.
Over the past few years I have hired many landscapers to work at my personal residence and I have yet to be completely satisfied with any of the companies. Once I was purchasing palms and the contract stated they would be 3-6 feet tall and they were all under 3 feet. That particular company said that was due to the weather and that’s all they could find – no funds for my shortage. I have had them promise me I will love the plants they choose and I don’t. I have requested only perennial plants and flowers that will last year around, and that never happens. I have had them remove items from my landscape as a mistake and take them back to their shops and never return them back to me even when I remind them many times. That particular company also said they would fill all of my baskets with flowers and they left a few empty and even after many requests they never came back to complete the work. These are all big name Houston Companies that I have used. So honestly, you need to be careful who you choose not only when putting in landscaping, but also outdoor lighting and water features. Now, I go buy my own plants and pick what I like, then I have my current landscaper plant them where I want them. That is where I have had the best luck!!