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In today’s market, it is increasinglyA�more difficultA�to get financing forA�a home.A� As a Realtor, IA�have built relationships with lenders in the community and there are some I highly recommend because of successes I have had with them and others I do not recommend.A�A�Buying a homeA�is an involved process and you do not want to get bogged down on the lending side.A� If your lender is not finished with the loan by your closing date, you could lose the house that you want to purchase.A� I can help you choose a lender that will work on your behalf to help you get into your next home.A� Please call me for a referral of lenders that I have had proven success with.A� Not only can I help you find a lender to work with, I can help walk you through the process so you can get the keys to your dream home.A�

  1. Apply for a Pre-Approval and work with your Realtor (me) to find your dream home
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  3. Make an offer to the Seller including your Pre-Approval from the lender to strengthen your offer
  4. Loan ApplicationA�must beA�completed and submitted to the lender
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  6. Lender orders appraisal, credit report, verification of your employment and assets
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  8. Lender evaluates application and support documents, approves loan and issues letter of committment
  9. Closing is held, loan documents are signed, and the loan is funded
  10. Lender disburses funds to the closing agent at the title company, seller is paid, and title to the home becomes yours
  11. Required documents are recorded at the County office of records

It’s that easy.A� Call me today to get a list of lenders that I trust to take care of my clients mortgage needs.

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