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At RREA, we are a brokerage in the cloud. Are you looking for a Brokerage? Do you want a broker you can call anytime? RREA might be the perfect fit for you. Although we are located in Spring, Texas, we are looking for agents to service all areas of the Houston and surrounding markets. Currently, the only reason our agents need to come into the office is to pick up signs, make a video in our studio, or attend a class of their choosing that’s in the office. Our agents are never required to step foot in our brokerage. We offer everything an agent needs in the cloud. You can fax, scan, or mail your documents to your broker. We offer a broker that can be contacted every day of the week via fax, email, text, phone, and Facebook. If you are looking for a brokerage that offers all the documents you could need for your business in the cloud, call us today to join. We are an independent brokerage, so there are no franchise fees. We offer you everything you need in the comfort of your own home office. Call our broker today to join us – 281.288.3500. We offer everything you need – online – and we have a variety of plans to choose from. We want to help you grow your business and work whatever area of the market you live in!

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