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It’s the time of year when you’re going to be getting a nice letter in the mail from the county appraisal district stating your “appraised” value. This is really your “assessed value” and is used as a basis for your annual property taxes. Frankly, it has little to do with “market value.”
“Market value” is loosely defined as “the most probable price a willing buyer will pay (and a willing seller will take) given all conditions requisite to a fair sale.” The appraisal district’s job is to analyze recent sales in a neighborhood, develop a “model” approach to values in that neighborhood, and apply their formula to each house, without regard to each house’s individual characteristics (although they do have aerial views of each home). But when was the last time a county appraiser came inside your home to inspect it? (They haven’t!)
Thus, your home’s value is not typically consistent with the appraisal district’s assessed value. Only an experienced, certified appraiser can “appraise” your home’s market value. Of course, licensed real estate agents and brokers can give you a good idea of its market value, based on recent sales and listing activity in your area.
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One static in life: change. And this goes for real estate values, too. Stay up-to-date. Stay with!
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