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With the number of bank robberies up in the Houston area, you really want to be careful when you go to the ATM at a Bank or any location. Follow these tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe at an ATM.

Branch ATMs are monitored by security cameras, but it still helps to use common sense and these tips:
• Take a look around before walking up to the ATM, especially at night.
• Have your phone handy in case of emergency.
• Don’t go to an ATM alone at night.
• If there’s a door to the ATM, make sure you close it.
• Don’t let anyone you don’t know into the ATM after the branch is closed.
• Keep your PIN a secret from everyone. And make sure you memorize it, don’t write it on your card or keep it in your wallet.
• Stand between the ATM machine and anyone else waiting and shield the numbers with your hand as you enter your PIN.
• Put your cash away immediately. Don’t count it if others can see you.
• If someone appears to be hanging around or you see anything suspicious, don’t complete your transaction.
Use the Cancel key and report the incident to the local police or to 911. Then try an ATM at another location.
• If it looks like someone is following you, drive to the nearest well-lit, populated area and report the incident to the local police.
• If someone approaches you and demands your money, just give it to them. Try to remember everything you can about the person and call the police immediately.
• Report lost or stolen cards immediately.

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