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There are approximately 5 weeks before we send our children back to school. Seven weeks that depending on your situation can either go by slowly, if you work from home, and are finding it hard to focus while your little ones (or big ones) are under foot, or can go by quickly if you have still have a long list of things you wanted or needed to so this summer and you haven’t even started yet.

Just remember it’s all in the planning.

If you have five weeks of time to fill up for the kids and 5 weeks worth of work to do at the same time, try the 50/50 method. Dedicate 4 hours a day, preferably mornings, to getting your work done, and four hours in the afternoon for the kids and their activities. It’ll take some planning on your part, such as having a breakfast menu and snacks ready so you’re not spending part of your 4 hours in the kitchen, and also researching library, pool, movie, etc. schedules so you’ll know what you and young ones will do in the afternoon.

If you’re one of the ones that has a long list of things to do in the short 5 weeks, then you DEFINITELY need to plan. Try categorizing so that similar task are done together and resources can be used for multiple projects. This will work for just about anything. If it’s setting Dr. appointments, setting up a home office or planning a trip, you’ll be surprised how many times you’ll need to go back to the same information.

Remember, there’s a lot you can get done in 5 weeks, including buying or selling a home. It just takes planning.

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