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Hurricanes can generate a series of threats to lives and property in the Houston area. The most obvious is the threat posed to buildings, equipment, and people by the high winds which characterize such storms.

The Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management has created an eight-page Disaster Preparedness Guide, which provides valuable information, a Disaster Supply Check List, steps for sheltering in place, steps for evacuation, and much, much more. Please access the following URL and download a copy of the Disaster Preparedness Guide.

When a Hurricane Watch is announced for your area, you should prepare for the impending storm. A Hurricane Watch for the area is usually issued when a Condition 3 has developed. A Condition 3 means a situation is developing that could be a threat to Harris County in approximately 32-48 hours.

Consideration should be given to:
• Check TV or radio often for official bulletins and times for evacuations.
• Fill your vehicles with fuel.
• Stock up on non-perishable food.
• Check medical supplies, also special medicines and drugs.
• Check radio and flashlight batteries.
• Secure lawn furniture and other loose material outdoors.
• Tape, board, or shutter windows to prevent shattering.
• Wedge sliding glass doors to prevent lifting from their tracks.
• Board up garage and porch doors.
• Bring in pets.
• Fill containers (bathtub) with several days’ supply of drinking water.
• Charge cell phones.
• If leaving the home, turn off water, electricity and gas.
• Drive carefully and travel during the day if possible.
• Travel light, taking small valuables and papers.
• Remove enough cash for several days in case power is out for a period of time.

For more information go to
(Information provided by Harris County Human Resources & Risk Management)

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