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COLLEGE STATION (Real Estate Center) – Travel in your way-back machine
to the year 1971, and what do you find? U.S. homes selling for an average $23,900;
40-cent-a-gallon gasoline; and workers earning an average annual income of

Walt Disney World opened that year in Florida, the voting age was lowered to
18 and cigarette ads were banned from television. Hidden among the headlines,
however, was an event that would change Texas real estate forever.

That year Gov. Preston Smith signed Senate Bill 338 creating the Texas Real
Estate Research Center.

Now, the story of the nation’s largest publicly funded real estate research
organization is no longer what a noted Realtor once called “the best kept
secret in Texas.” Learn
about the past, present and future of the nationally famous
organization that has been helping Texans make better real estate decisions for
40 years.

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