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There’s a quote that goes something like “all the best things in life are free, but the next best are all very expensive.”

Houston is a great American city with many family-oriented neighborhoods and more to offer than just a home. If community pride, great schools, parks, country clubs and great neighborhoods are on your list of musts, Kingwood, Memorial and River Oaks are great Houston neighborhoods to consider.


Locals call Kingwood the “livable forest” due to its lush greenery. Kingwood flourishes with a humble neighborhood spirit. Tucked away east of Highway 59 the master-planned community offers luxury above-average living without the hustle and bustle of some of Houston’s more happening areas. Lake Houston runs northeast through the neighborhood and no major roads disrupt it. This creates a quiet, family-oriented oasis. While secluded, the neighborhood isn’t without the urban conveniences of shopping, restaurants and home needs such as plumbers, pest control and lawn care professionals. The homes cater to a cozy, yet refined, new-traditional style and run from $90,000 to millions. According to Zillow the current median house price is $229,000. On the downside, the city lacks nightlife and variety in entertainment, which isn’t a good fit for young adults or Epicureans who value the arts, entertainment and fine dining.

The homes are divided into villages that each have their own pool and park. Greenbelts connect the entire development making it possible to travel anywhere by bike or foot. Kingwood features a country club with 26 tennis courts and four golf courses. All of the area’s schools are top-ranked by the Texas Education Agency. The neighborhood is not short of medical centers, private practices and a different religious churches. The neighborhood receives mostly positive reviews from family-oriented households, expensive home prices being the major negative.


Memorial is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Houston, with a median list price of $415,000. It is 20 miles west of downtown Houston near interstate 10, east of highway 6. the attitude in Memorial is more entertainment focused, as it’s home to the Houston Galleria, the 7th-largest mall in America. With this area can come off as smug, and reviewers have noted that the neighborhood is not good for people who want to use public transportation.

The neighborhood is divided into five villages: Hedwig, Hunters Creek, Bunker Hill, Spring Valley and Piney Point. Each village operates separately from the rest of the city of Houston and has their own community by laws and police department, which can be a nuisance. Memorial knows great food and great shopping but is also home to one of the largest urban parks in the United States, Memorial Park. The park is 1,500 acres of trails, volleyball and tennis courts and more. Homes have an . purchase clonidine. can you order pills … average listing price of $473,000. Memorial is close to Energy Corridor, home to most of Texas’ major oil companies.

River Oaks

River Oaks is home to some of the largest and most expensive mansions in all of Texas. Homes are nestled at the end of long winding driveways that part through greenery, leading onlookers to a sprawled-out mass of multi-million dollar pillars, brick and large archways.

Although it claims to be one of Houston’s finest areas, some critics say it’s overrated. The neighborhood is the use of drugs for influenza – ammi… located inside the 610 loop, less than seven miles from downtown. The exclusive neighborhood was created in the 1920s by sons of former Texas governor, Hugh Potter. The town is known to be quiet and family oriented.

Written by Deborah Thomas. Deborah is a working mom with a private legal practice. She also sells travel insurance part time.

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