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Are you planning to buy a home near the new Exxon Mobile Houston Campus?  Exxon Mobile has been planning to consolidate many of its Houston offices into a new campus which will relocate many of the employees.  The new campus will be located on a 385 acre site between Spring and The Woodlands in Harris County.  Move in is slated for early 2014, so if you will be moving to this campus you will want to relocate your family soon.  Register Real Estate Advisors is located within five miles of the new campus.  Our agents are well trained and specialize in the surrounding communities.  If you are planning to relocate to this area, move your family with the security of an agent that knows the area well and can help you find the best property to meet your family’s needs.  Call us today to find the agent that will best meet your needs at 281.288.3500.

The economic impact of this new campus has been estimated to create 44,000 jobs.  That will mean a lot of people moving to the Spring and Woodlands area.  This project will provide significant economic benefits for Texas and the local economy even while under construction.  It is estimated that housing prices will rise as we approach 2014.  So I encourage you to begin planning your move now so that you can get the best interest rate, location, and price for your new home.


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